5 Fast Internet Facts

By Geisha Bar

Ok, not-so-secretly I’m a geek. Technology, comics – you name it, I’m there. The internet has been key to celebrating my quirky passions. Today, I’m celebrating with 5 fast facts about the interwebs!

1. The first webcam was used at Cambridge University to monitor a coffee pot. Scientists need their coffee!

2. Net speed on the International Space Station is faster than average speed in Australia. That sounds about right.

3. Newsweek published an article in 1995 outlining why the internet would fail. This is still on their website. That also sounds about right.

4. There’s another underground internet, called “The Deep Web”. It is 500 times bigger than the one we know. Welcome to the Wonderland!

5. In 2011, in the country of Georgia, a 75 year-old woman accidentally cut the cable that provided net to 90% of Armenia. Poor lass wouldn’t have been very popular!