5 ways to work it out homestyle

By Geisha Bar

5 ways to work it out homestyle

Shredding for Stereo? Sweating for a wedding? But what to do when you’d rather spend those hard-earned pennies on the best nights in town, than on the best gym in town?

Never fear! This little ninja will a-kick-a your ass into gear!

We all know we can supercharge our cardio by combining it with weight training. When you can’t afford to go to the gym, sacrificing aesthetic appeal is a raw deal. That’s why it pays to get inventive to get fit. You’d be surprised what will turn up right in front of your eyes (and I don’t just mean when you look in the mirror).

Make a date with the pantry, and get those groceries doing double duty stat! Here are 5 quick and easy DIY weights you no doubt have lying around your home.

Soft drink bottles — did your vodka get a little mixed up with lemonade on the weekend? When the weekend gives you lemons — make workout-ade! Fill those bottles with water so your workout routine can be saved by these dumbbells.

Sports ball — do you have a sad, half-deflated ball kicking round the backyard? Well, it’s time to grow a pair and take some get-fit medicine cos this baby can double up as a medicine ball. Find the puncture, grab that funnel usually reserved for ahem flasks, and fill ‘er up with beach sand. Tape the hole with duct tape, and start kicking goals all over your fitness plan.

Cans — did your sunday sesh guest leave a stash of VB? Brew your very own Farmer’s Walk! Take one old pillowcase and cut it in half lengthways. Depending on the length — lay 3 – 4 cans end to end in each half. Wrap the open top neatly over, and bind the entire length with string / strips of plastic bags. As handles — borrow two plastic spatulas from the kitchen. To connect these to your cans, tie string to each end, then loop down and around your pillow case halves of cans. Just a bit of advice — although this is potent when combined with a decent walk, I’d suggest keeping this an ‘at home’ exercise. Your neighbours are still shaken by last weekend’s shenanigans.

Duffle bag — dig around in your wardrobe and I’m sure you’ll turn up an old duffle bag. Turn this thing into a sandbag. Simply fill bin bags with beach sand, tie the tops and stuff them in your duff’! Soon you’ll be making Duff Man proud!

Cutlery — make two equal handful-size piles of cutlery. Secure each with an elastic band. This second version of dumbbells is as easy as pudding and pie. Also a great way to burn that cheeky Macca’s apple pie from Saturday night.

Oh who am I kidding? I know you are all just gonna stick with the “Northbridge diet” and a few hours cardio on the D floor.