“A Little Flutter”

By Geisha Bar

A quick blog this week as a few friends have asked for help picking a horse in the Cup as my father was a bookie, my brother was a bookie and I grew up around a race track they think I can just pop out a winner…well good news….This year is one of the most open races that I can remember and you can do just as well picking from a dart board or by the pretty colours as a pro can from a form guide. Weather won’t matter, Track won’t matter, Barrie will matter very little. If you are looking for any form it should be able to run a 3200m race (placings over 2400 and up) and have been rested 12-20 days since its last start. Thats it. Good Luck. FYI my picks are 18 – Hawkspur (20/1) and 8 – Dandino (14/1)