By Geisha Bar

Everywhere I look now I see food with packaging claiming to be super healthy and all-natural and full of “essential fatty acid Omega 3s which are good for your brain!” (Note: there is no science that proves that omega 3s do anything whatsoever to improve your brain).

One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is the whole “non-GMO” advertising fad. This is seriously shitty, because although Monsanto sucks balls, there is nothing wrong with genetically modified organisms in and of themselves. Repeat after me: Monsanto = Hitler reincarnated. GMO = benign as fuck and probably will be our entire food source one day.

The population is supposed to reach 10 billion by what, 2050? That’s in our lifetime, and that’s a number that is going to be unsustainable if we continue our current ways. Which means that GMO crops are probably going to save our stupid greedy overpopulated asses. Because GMO means that you get more food with less wastage, and you can grow the food in a smaller area, and you can use ground that would otherwise be unsuitable, in harsher environments. All they do is take a product like corn and instead of allowing the mutations to happen over time and selecting the mutations we want, they just make the mutation we want happen much sooner, which has the added benefit of not having all the other shit we don’t want. It’s still natural, the corn could exist like that without our interference.

Not everything that is natural is good for you, and not everything that is unnatural is bad for you. Use your head at all times – advertising thinks you are stupid as fuck, so prove them wrong by not getting sucked in!

When products market their shit as “GMO-free” as if it is some kind of medal of purity, this is a shitty thing to do. Because they are implying that the choice has to be made in the first place, which freaks out all the rich white mums who like to buy super expensive “special” food, thinking that they are a cut above. But all that special non-GMO/organic food wastes acres upon acres of land, and this is an unsustainable practice. Ideally, we’d just get rid of the meat and dairy industry, because those are the biggest land users by far – but until that happens (probably never), then can we please learn to be okay with harmless genetic modification? It’s actually quite an elegant solution to a pretty fucked overpopulated world.


Love the totally GMO, non-organic, regular food-eatin’ Akika xoxoxoxoxo