Akika says: Keep Fabric Open

By Geisha Bar


The big news in dance music is the controversy faced by Fabric nightclub in London. After two drug related deaths this year, the club has been temporarily shut whilst they have worked with authorities to avoid permanent closure. The hearing is Tuesday the 6th of September in London.

What gives me hope is that the London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come out in support of the iconic venue staying open. He has cited the 50% of live music venues and 40% of nightclubs that shut down during the previous mayor’s tenure. During Sadiq’s tenure, at least 4 major clubs have closed. He has voiced the need to keep clubs open as well as encouraging new venues to start. This is important for music as well as culture. Which is more than the rather obnoxious Sneak has done with his ridiculous #idontcare tag.

On the point of drugcare, closing venues is not the answer. It simply drives the behaviour underground. Education on harm reduction is key.

It is super important that we all sign the petition. 13 hours after it opened, it had reached its target of 35,000. Now its up to 113,036. It will be delivered to Sadiq, a man who already supports our cause. The fight is not lost. Click here to sign the petition and voice your support: