Akika says: Public Service Announcement

By Geisha Bar

Ok gang, time for a public service announcement because I love you.

You know that box where the dj plays the goods at the front of the room? Sorry to break it to you, but it isn’t your own personal cloakroom. I know, cloakroom is hideously expensive at a whole $2.

Trust me, when you’re standing there red-faced because;
1. you’ve brought the room to silence by hitting the on / off switch with your handbag (yes it’s happened).
2. Tripped over an international dj with your carelessly thrown bag / coat.
3. Lost your hideously expensive bag / coat because the dj has had to concentrate on the music (their job) and haven’t watched your coat / bag (not their job).
…..you’re going to wish you’d just sucked it up and spent the $2.

Come on ladies and gents, pull up your socks…and please don’t leave them in the dj booth.