By Geisha Bar

As the weather warms and summer dawns, life moves at an even faster pace. Please remember to take care of you, and be mindful of burnout.

Burnout is defined as a notable period of time where a person experiences exhaustion, and an unusual lack of interest in professional and personal pursuits. This results in adverse effects on their job and relationships – adding further stress.
4 signs you risk burnout:
– Constant feelings of frustration, pessimism and apathy
– Body lethargy and exhaustion
– Issues with concentration and problem solving
– Imbibing in self-destructive coping mechanisms
If you suspect you might be careening towards burnout, it is important to take the simple, yet necessary measures to avoid it.
4 ways to cure burnout:
– Establish what is causing these feelings, and change this
– Unplug – then relax and take walks outside away from electronic devices
– See a doctor about sleep problems
– Be honest with friends and family so they know to give you the space and time you need to recuperate
The effects of serious burnout can be long-lasting and devastating on both mental and physical health. If you, or someone you know is at risk – be brave and take the first step towards a brighter future today.