Caught hand down in the Ashley jar

By Geisha Bar

The recent Ashley Madison data dump debacle got me thinking. How on earth does someone get themselves out of a thing like that? However, necessity is the mother of all invention. These are the most creative inventions of truth that I could come up with;
– I thought it was a fitness site. I thought it said “Life is short. Have some air”. I need glasses. I can’t even work out how to delete my account.

– Thanks to caching, data is online for all time. The website is 14 years old. We’ve only been together 5 years. I was desperate and dateless before I met you, darling. This site isn’t just for cheaters you know.

– Well, you know how I have been thinking about doing a marriage counselling degree / writing a book about relationships / running a karma sutra retreat? No? Oh….well, this was research.

…then if all else fails…

– There’s something I need to tell you. I’ve been going through a crisis. I know this is awful, but I can’t lose you at a time like this.

From my perspective, this is all so clear cut. If your partner no longer lights your fire, don’t keep them hanging on a false wire. Set them free — and then pursue desire.