I just dance the way I feel.

By Geisha Bar

When it comes to dancing, huck the faters. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool put it best when they sang “I just dance the way I feel”.

Who cares if you got moves like Jagger, or boogie like a grandma at a wedding. Who cares if you’re king of the “dad groove”, give Saturday Night Fever a run for their pennies or look like you’re bringing back The Peter Garrett disco-style.Pop that booty with passion. Wiggle those hips. Throw those hands up like you just don’t care. Shuffle like you wanna ruffle serious feathers. I’m looking at you Trent and Arun

I’ll tell you a secret. Those on the walls judging you? They secretly wish they could throw off the reins, and move to the music flowing through their veins.
I’ll see you on the G-floor. That’s the Geisha D-Floor. I’m cool like that.