“Don’t Dream it’s Over”

By Geisha Bar

With a federal election looming in the near future it is impossible not to feel anything but brutally cynical towards politicians of all persuasions during these election campaigns. In the last federal poll the two major parties, namely Labour and Liberal, pledged billions of dollars in spending even before they “officially” launch their campaigns with announcements of billions more.

Anyone who has ever even failed high school economics will be able to tell you that more money in any market increases inflation and higher inflation leads to pressure on interest rates. ie interest rates must be raised to slow the economy from galloping out of control – unless of course you would like a carton of milk to cost $22.50. But when you raise interest rates the net result is a world of hurt for your average mortgage holder who is already putting well in excess of half their pay check just to cover payments.

Now both parties are overflowing with educated imbeciles that know this all too well but do they actually give a shit? They just keep promising more and more money to the proletariat in the hope of winning your vote. The reserve bank very diplomatically tells both parties that irresponsible spending will f&#k up the economy but neither listens because just like Alice Cooper said ….”I wan’t to be elected”

Housing affordability is already a serious issue in Australia and this may well be the first generation in the history of our country that is forced to rent their whole lives. We now endure the worst level of housing affordability in the English speaking world and for all our claims of brilliant economic management we have the 6th highest interest rates of OECD countries. But let’s not let the grim reality interfere with the buying of our votes. Mind you the single issue independents like the ‘Greens’ or ‘Family First’ would send the whole country broke in a heartbeat for love of trees or god. So help yourself and grab all the bucks you can from both contenders…you will pay it back twice over through your mortgage or rent payments and its actually your money they are giving back to you anyway.

By the way. If you are wondering why both parties wait until 4 weeks into an election campaign (2 weeks before the actual election) before “officially” launching their campaigns, brace yourself…..it’s very simple, YOU (not the parties themselves) the Australian taxpayer PAY for all the accommodation, travel and ancillary campaign costs for the politicians and their giant entourages. Basically everything but the ads and brochures right up until the day they officially launch their campaign. Think about that when your mortgage payment rises after the election.