Escape the Cloud of Noise

By Geisha Bar

The recent commotion around Soundcloud bowing to pressure from major labels has been long-lasting and chaotic. If like me, you are growing tired of the negative tirades, you definitely don’t need to read another rant about the wrongdoings of the software company.
Instead, I am here to provide alternative options for hosting your music production and dj mixes. At time of writing, these two stood out as the most viable options when used in conjunction with each other. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our Facebook page!

• Mixcloud
o www.mixcloud.com
o The perks: Free Unlimited uploads, artists receive royalties, no takedowns
o The downside: Ad-heavy, low bitrate, as name suggests just aimed at mixes, no rewind scrubbing

• Bandcamp
o www.bandcamp.com
o The perks: No upfront fees – the site takes 15%, upload best format and let consumer choose
o The downside: No comments, no dj mixes or mashups as only orignals are encouraged