Home Holiday

By Geisha Bar

Considering international travel is off the cards for the foreseebale, I’m counting down the top 5 holiday spots, where you don’t even have to leave the state! How lucky are we huh? WA is home to some wonders that people travel thousands of km’s to see;

1. The Pinnacles; random limestone formations in the middle of the desert, this is meant to feel like you’re on another planet. Scientists are unsure on how these rocks formed, but it’s super random that’s for sure

2. Valley of the Giants- Tree Top Walk; WA is home to some of the tallest timber giants on the planet, ageing up to 400 years old. The platform sits 40m above the forest canopy and is 600m long. Only 4.5 hours from the City, this is a must see attraction

3. Rottnest Island; Just a short ferry ride from Perth is “Rotto.”63 beaches, 20- bays, coral reef’s, what more could you want? Oh that’s right, tiny little wallaby’s known as Quokka’s that can only be found in WA. These little creatures are so god damn cute that celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Shawn Mendes and Rodger Federer have made a visit- unreal

4. Monkey Mia; who doesn’t love Dolphins? The Bottlenoses have been swiming the shallows in Monkey Mia for over half a century. Regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, you can get up close to the incredible creatures and even feed them! Absolutely dope. Why not even ride a camel while you’re up there!

5. Margaret River; just a 3 hours drive from Perth sits this little surfy town. Known for its craft breweries, boutiques and winieries, it has become very popular among West-Aussies. You can get a cave tour, visit the very famous Chocolate factory or spend the day wine tasting- you can’t go wrong really.

Screw it, who’s coming with me to tick them off the list?

Love Akika xxx