“I wish i were a cat”

By Geisha Bar

Having endured the debilitating impact of viral infection this week, namely a vicious batch of generic flu and tonsillitis, I’m reminded how different these viral ailments are from the once common cold.

These bugs don’t give you a sniff and a cough…Jesus that would be a walk in the park – rugged up of course…No these viral complaints make you feel as sick as a dog and yes there is a dog flu (canine influenza)

Your head is swollen like a balloon and every time you swallow razors viciously caress your throat. Muscles Feel like they are stretched to breaking point and bones feel like they are being crushed to powder. Your body is freezing as you shudder uncontrollably but you sweat profusely as fever takes hold. It is the worst of all words wrapped up in one non-descript syllable. No it’s not life threatening and it certainly can’t compare to Cancer and its insidious associates but hey this was once a cold and one day in bed with a hot lemon drink.

Now we have flu’s in all shapes and sizes….there was avian flu courtesy of our feathered friends, equine flu courtesy of our racing nags and swine flu courtesy of ham sandwiches. Did you also know there is a cow flu, seal flu, tick flu, mosquito flu and believe it or not Atlantic salmon flu. Apparently there is a flu pertaining to most mammals but strangely cats are immune. They get respiratory diseases and colds but not influenza…bizarre but true

Anyway the moral of the story is simple. Keep your immune system in top condition and avoid contact with horses, pigs, birds, dogs, mosquitoes, ticks, salmon and HUMANS….oh and get yourself a cat