Mass Debating over Netfilx & Chill

By Geisha Bar

Mass Debating over Netfilx & Chill”

Ok, so I’m really noticing some mass debate over the Netflix and Chill thing. I’m here to sort things out. Here are 10 easy ways you can tell whether you’ll actually be seeing any of that new movie your friends totally raved about, babes.
1. Troy’s loaded up….and there’s Trojans in the bowl “just to, you know, get in theme”.

2. An odd box of tissues magically materialises when you’ve both settled on the couch because this one’s a real “tearjerker”.

3. You’re kindly offered a lap as a pillow when you start to look a bit….comfortable.

4. “Make yourself at home” apparently includes no pants.

5. Have you heard of couch yoga? It includes a lot of stretching of arms….along the back….and neck movements. It’s a good warm up for….cardio.

6. Candlelight viewing of Batman starts looking suspiciously like Boobman.

7. “Ooh behave baby” comes from the couch next to you…not the TV.

8. You both settle on a movie featuring Jean Claude who-gives-a-damn. Seriously, does anyone sit through an entire movie of his?

9. When Wonder Woman is code for Asa Akira.

10. Shaken, not stirred is starting to look like morning coffee feels, not martini.