Meet Tinder, aka the straight version of Grindr

By Geisha Bar

For those of you who don’t know what Grindr is, it’s basically an online tool whereby gay dudes can scout out other gay dudes in the area at any given time to meet up for some casual George Michaeling. Grindr is the modern version of cruising (minus the awkward public toilet/public carpark loitering) and is very popular. Exciting new app Tinder is pretty much Grindr, but for straight people. You sign up using your Facebook profile and it posts your profile picture which other users within a 50km radius can then either like or dislike by swiping you right or left on their screens. If there is a mutual liking, the two people are then allowed to communicate – which takes out the annoyance of random dudes you’re not into sending you multiple cock pics. Tinder has really taken off and is being used by people when out and about, making it that much easier to get laid on a Saturday night without fear of rejection.

Hilariously, three dudes in college in America created a fake Facebook profile using pictures of Miss Teen USA and set out to see just how many people take this Tinder thing seriously. The result? Using nothing but the mutual liking and 1 message saying “I’m going to yogurt shop called yogurtland tonight at 9 in orem with some girl friends if you want to meet up” they managed to lure an astounding 70 horny dudes to a yoghurt shop to meet up with the fake hottie.

Call me an old-fashioned gal but I’m still a fan of the traditional hook up – dressing like a Bratz doll and letting dudes buy me copious Vodka Cruisers until I pass out on their dick.