“Music ON. Television OFF”

By Geisha Bar

Where would we be without our brains? Each and every one is precious, and capable of amazing things. It is important then, that we nourish our grey matter so it is in top shape. The old adage “you are what you eat” is especially true in this case.

Many people utilise television to unwind – but it turns out the “idiot box” is called that with good reason. Time in front of the box lulls your brain into a highly suggestible zombie-like state. Mind-control, anyone? This is heightened by the dampening effects on the area responsible for critical analysis – as well as migrating activity into the most primal region known as the “lizard brain”. This region acts without logical thought – driven purely by the emotional response of “I want”. This is all maintained by the fact that television incites biochemical effects on our physicality that produces addiction.

I do not like it Sam I Am, I do not like my brain turned ham.

Conversely, music wakes up the brain in the most profound fashion. Listening to music improves reading, writing and arithmetic – as well as sophisticated emotional intelligence and spatial-temporal reasoning. The less tangible traits of memory, concentration and attention-span also show positive increase. This general psychological arousal leads to better intellectual and emotional performance – as well as increasing physical performance.

I’ll have what she’s having!

Time to put on the headphones and line up a playlist. I’d much rather wonderful tunes pressing my buttons, than terrible advertisements!