The Spirit of Christmas

By Geisha Bar

Whether you are a Christmas elf, atheist, Grinch or just plain apathetic — I think one thing everyone can agree on is that the Spirit of Christmas does have a good heart. That it is a wonderful thing for humanity.

Then, tell me why there is so little? I see people projecting their stress and anger. Little and very big kids asserting self-entitlement with barefaced gift requests.

Where did it all go so wrong?

Why is the Christmas Carol image of Tiny Tim gathered with his family, rich in love yet poor in possessions such an idealized fairytale?

Why are we so surprised when a kind stranger helps us carry our gift-laden bags, helps us pay us train ticket when we’re short?

The most heartbreaking — on Christmas Day in Australia, police will attend a case of domestic violence every 10 minutes. 10 minutes..! Multiply that out to an hour. Multiply that out to an entire day and night. 

Merry Christmas? No, but it could be.

I think it’s time we all return to the heart of the Spirit of Christmas. Start small, give hope with a smile and open ear. Then grow brave. Encourage the infamous angry drunk to lay off. Help your corner of the world shine just a little brighter this Christmas.