Callum Duncan

A relative newcomer to the scene, Callum has burst forth with a fresh and ambitious attitude since teaching himself to DJ in 2016.

The 2017 Habitat DJ competition victory was a key that unlocked exposure for him, allowing him to unleash his passion to more crowds ever since.

Callum’s entire life is infused with music, dedicating all his spare time either mining the web for obscure gems to bring to the dance floor, or nestled at home getting creative with his record collection. “Music is my life and what I love is introducing diverse audiences to different types of music, educating them and connecting them in a way that nothing else can”.

Callum’s ever evolving DJ style is a culmination of his many influences over the past few years and to him it is all about variety and being versatile for any occassion. He views music as energy and emotion, not believing in sub genres and trends.“If I like what I hear, it’s great music regardless of origin and when it was made”.
He takes inspiration from something Frankie Knuckles once said in an interview: “For me each song that I play has got to be just as great as the last one that was on before it”. 

Callum is a genuine music lover whose devoted digging and ambitious selecting is guaranteed to get you engaged and embarked on a musical journey and a transportive dancefloor experience”