Lê Monteiro

Leandro was introduced to the electronic music world by one of his best mates at aged 16, his passion has continued to grow ever since.After making the move to Australia, Leandro entered the Habitat D.j competition, which saw him gain a top spot in the finals-resulting in a residency at the club. Leandro continues to be inspired by a number of artists, including Jamahr, Traumer, Niko Maxen and IO (Mulen). Today, despite having somewhat eclectic taste for electronic music, Leandro follows an underground line from minimal to house, alllowing him the opportunity to adapt to the crowd he is playing for.

“When I’m getting ready to play, the only thing that comes into my head is to take the people who are there to a happy place. Most of the people who are on the dance floor are there to forget about the everyday problems that life throws and to feel completely free to enjoy! I want to give them this freedom.”