Richard Lee


Six years gone and Richard Lee is still playing what he loves. Hitting House to Techno, you will rarely hear a similar set.

“I hate being pigeon holed” Richard explains, “I enjoy mixing a whole range of house genres and this way I feel like I can engage the crowd whilst having a bit of fun behind the decks.”

After getting his fingertips tantalised on the decks, a trip to Europe and many months of saving, Richard purchased his first mixer and CDJ’s. Ripping open the wrapping like a kid on Christmas, his eyes were met with a broken display screen and dampened spirit. Turned out the only way to use them was to memorise track numbers and count the skips forward, trying to mix using the tempo on screen would have been a luxury at this point. Luckily, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, so Richard’s mixing sharpened further from the initial misfortune.

Fast forward and Richard has had the opportunity to play in Perth’s best venues and festivals like Future Music and Creamfields. Not mention supporting the likes of Alex Smoke, Satoshi Tommie, Format: B and more.

Plus being a Geisha regular has its moments….

“Definitely would have been following on from Fritz Kalkbrenner in 2012. The place was heaving and Fritz was absolutely smashing it laying down some techno. I ended up playing for an hour and a half in front of my mates and the Geisha punters and it just was one of the sets where everything seemed to go right.”

When the vibe is right…it’s right!