Ru Kasu


His addiction to black crack started back in 1998…and by black crack we mean that sweet stuff all your favourite original vinyl pressings come on. Fast forward six years and Ru-Kasu’s addiction had turned into a healthy passion. His skills were duly noted and he started getting booked by anyone and everyone in Perth.

Ru-Kasu’s music love started in the womb as he was spawned from the seed of a professional musician, but it was when golden era hip-hop took its grip that the wheels really started turning. In the mid 90s after embracing the core elements of hip hop, English electronica took control, then hardcore, jungle, house and drum ‘n’ bass continued to lead him toward the dance floor.

Throughout that time people may have seen him play in speedos and wigs and keeping potassium levels up (via bananas) on those long nights. He’s supported heavyweights Andy C, Eric Lau and Big Bud and produced with the likes of Phesta and Greg Packer. With such a long history and love of different genres and styles you can catch Ru-Kasu spinning nu disco, funky house and garage for Geisha Bar and even Thailand’s Koh Phangan Full Moon Party.

Expect passion and positively on the floor!