Bird on the Wire 4 (Fri 01/02)

“BIRD on the WIRE” is Back! Friday the 1st of February.

Bird on the wire presents its 4th installment. A journey from hip-hop to techno.

The Backyard project present their first international DJ, Broz Rodriguez hailing from Mexico, The 25 year old has been described as FUNKY, PROGRESSIVE, GROOVY, EXPLOSIVE AND TALENTED and has recently been touring with the likes of Deadmau5 and Carl Cox.

Bird on the wire will once again be live streamed online live on The Backyard project. The night will also be showcasing the best of local producers and DJs. . with local support from James Broome aka PDS, Tom Belotti aka Fluoro and Jake Steele aka Yarhkob.

“This is a night of cutting edge sound to make you dance right through the night”. The Backyard promises “This will be a night not to miss”.

Doors open from 10.30pm
$10 before midnight and $15 thereafter