The Clubnosis Experience – A Mind/Music Mashup (Sat 30/01)

This is the last show, as part of Fringe World Festival 2016.
From subwoofer to subconscious – a world first unique interactive clubbing experience.

International hypnotist (& former DJ) Matt Hale is The Clubnotist. Teaming up with DJ SAUL BLISS (London, Ibiza, Australia) to exploit the natural trance-inducing qualities of house music, Hale uses hypnotic techniques to guide your imagination to the sonic soundscape of Bliss’ beautifully blended beats.

Bliss and Hale encourage you to open both your ears and mind on this musical journey, and with the power of suggestion, truly feel the beat like never before.

Matt Hale bio:
Australia’s hypnotist, with an upcoming TV show, Matt tours his shows worldwide and has hypnotised people from London to Vegas (where even Mike Tyson told him “You are AMAZING!”).
His love of house music still holds strong after a DJ career that saw him behind the decks in UK, Ibiza, Greece, Malta, Australia.

Saul Bliss bio:
20 years in the DJ game has taken him to London via Ibiza and back again to Australia! As well as heading up Scoundrel records and Solee events, Saul can be found dropping the beats at no less than 6 weekly gigs, along with one off shows for Habitat and Groove Yard.

Tickets available here.