Crazy P (Sat 04/01)

Geisha Bar & Smirnoff Vodka proudly present a last minute DJ Set from Crazy P.

With one of the best live dance music shows on the planet, Crazy P have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the last 15 years.

To trace the origins of Crazy P we have to go all the way back to 1996.

This was the year that brought together James Baron and Chris Todd. It was the era of Ataris, Akais and bedroom studios and, through their love of bending and reshaping old records from many different genres, a production partnership was born in the backstreets of Nottingham.

After a couple of releases under various different monikers, the work attracted the ears of deep house label Paper Recordings based in Manchester and the creature that is Crazy P was born.

We won’t bore you all with and year by year history of what happened next and how we ended up with a name like Crazy P as rumour and speculation are far more interesting than the truth.

Equally at home on huge outdoor festival stages in Australia or basement sweatboxes in East London, Crazy P have made their name with a unerring combination of lushly structured songs and live power, whilst never forgetting their roots on the dance floors of the late 90s’ house, disco, and soul clubs.

The Crazy P DJ Set will be performed by Ron Basejam. Ron Basejam is the anagrammed alter-ego of Crazy P co-founder, James Baron.  Support will come from local house legends James A and Rudy. Also sharing the bill will be Residents of “The Berkeley Suite” Glasgow, Frazer Devine & Jane Jaya Ayers.

Doors: 11pm

Tickets: Early Birds $15 with a drink on arrival. (Choice of House spirit, Bottled Beers, Wine or Sparkling).

Tickets on Sale Monday 23rd Dec @ Midday.