Geisha’s 14th B’Day (Sat 19/01)

Geisha Bar’s 14th Birthday

What started as a twinkle in Mardie Wilson’s eye quickly became full-fledged ambition. The idea was further refined at a dinner party, that included amongst others Annie Carr (the creative force and original manager behind Aqua), and the name “Geisha Bar” was conceived.

Months of intense negotiations proceeded for the sale of what was then Krush, after which began then the process of renovating. Saxon was appointed Head DJ and the music policy was decided. The chronological order of these events may not be correct but what we do know is that on the 16th of January 1999 the doors to Geisha Bar opened.

On Saturday the 19th of January we celebrate Geisha Bar’s 14th Birthday.

Geisha – Your House of House

VIP treatment for the party people who will receive some special gifts in the first hour. All you have to do is email to be included on the Guest list and receive your treats

General Admission Doors open at 11 with Entry $15

Featuring: James Smith, Nathan Francis, Darren J, James A, Richard Lee, El Dario & Green George