Get Weird : Tyler Touché (Fri 30/11)

Tyler Touché (Brisbane)
Shazam (Modular/Bang Gang 12″)

Support from – Bear Feet, Willy Slade, Clunk, Sleepyhead, Jack Doepel, Lemon Lime & Biddiss

Friday Nov 30th – 11pm Till 5am

Geisha – 135a James St Northbridge

$15 Presale (available below) – $20 on the door
Due to matters beyond the control of anyone not in possession of a private jet (ie: us) Mickey can no longer play Get Weird.. Thankfully the Disco Overlords have been kind and sent one of their newest heroes in his stead: Tyler Touché!

Despite being not quite old enough to vote and just old enough to drive a motorbike, Mr Touché has still managed to dominate club world with his filtered French touch goodness. His instant classic “Baguette” is a current triple j favourite, with the rest of his debut EP receiving similar love from fans and critics. If you see his Dad, buy him a Kool-Aid Slushie.

Supporting and also not afraid of being experienced in creating incredibly relevant dance music steeped in electronic disco is the Perth-born/raised/living Shazam (Modular/Bang Gang 12”s/Your Girlfriend). Joining him will be a large amount of other quality locals including Willy Slade, Jack Doepel, Bear Feet, Clunk, Sleepy Head and Lemon Lime & Biddiss.

This kind of magic doesn’t happen by accident. Neither do Kool-Aid slushies. Which will be available in two flavours on the night.

Keen Get Weirdists may have noticed that the current venue is Geisha and that this is different to the venue previously used. This is all part of the overarching Get Weird plan to make it happen where it can happen and get in where you fit in. The system at Geisha is not weird but is noticeably incredible so that’s just another thing to look forward to really.

Fans of the party (DJ+music+dancefloor) in the girls’ toilets aka Bathroom Disco are advised that the concept is currently transformed into Tiny Club. Tiny Club is still the miniature sweatbox of movement and warm gin & tonics you’ve come to know and love but is now in a sliii…iiightly bigger room (if you even want to call it that) and doesn’t have toilets in it. Girls will still be there though.

If you’re still undecided on this, go back to the top paragraph and start reading again