Habitat : Format B (Fri 05/12)

Habitat are proud to present a whole lot of tech lovin whooopasss…. FORMAT:B

Format: B have been developing their craft in the back streets & techno clubs of Berlin and Erfurt since the early 1990s. Biding their time and accumulating the knowledge in becoming true aural innovators.

Format: B have created a new wave of tech beats. Gone are the clichs of old and in with the new rifts and melodies to appeal to the techno kids of now. At the forefront of new school of German techno, their distinctive style has been grooving away dance floors for years.

Their first visit to Australia in 2009 was NUTS !!!

Strap in, suit up, plug in, turn on and join us for the ride.

Supported by Flex, Devante & Tom Love.