LOFTMAS (Sun 23/12)

There are Jews in the world.
There are Buddhists.
There are Hindus and Mormons, and then
There are those that follow Mohammed, but
I’ve never been one of them……

In fact I am not really anything (although listed as a Jedi on the last census) but I do like this festive time of the year. A time for giving and receiving…. because that’s what friends do

Yes it’s LOFTMAS time….so dress up as your favourite prophet and come celebrate the greatest excuse for a party there ever was. Those at LOFT don’t give a rat’s ass what religion you are as we will make fun of you whatever sex, race, sexual persuasion or denominational faith you are (especially if you are a gay actor who is a scientologist) …. because that’s what friends do.

We will have LOTS of gifts and give-aways and special presents for those down early. There will be celebrities aplenty…..Santa will be there with his slutty elves and available for photos. There will be 3 wise men (2 with drugs and 1 with some bling). Rumours are that the Grinch and Jack Skellington will be attending and the main man Jesus may even make an appearance….because that’s what friends do

The usual rules of LOFT apply

1st RULE: You must talk about LOFT.
2nd RULE: You MUST talk about LOFT
3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp or taps out, the dance is over.
4th RULE: Only two people to a drinking contest
5th RULE: One shot at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes, no entry
7th RULE: Songs will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first night at LOFT, you HAVE to dance.
9th RULE: When the DJ plays “Toto” everyone must dance

Doors open at 8pm sharp it is $10 before 9pm $15 after /// or $5 before 9 and $10 after if you are in a costume (it better be good as there are some rather hefty bar cards for those who make an effort)

Ho Ho Ho’s welcome and any political correctness will be dealt with inappropriately.