Roulette : Concord Dawn (Wed 07/08)

Roulette presents CONCORD DAWN (NZ)

Wednesday August 7th at Geisha Bar

$15 on the door


Drinks Specials: $5 Tooheys Extra Dry, $6 Punch, $7 Silver Bomb

Concord Dawn began life as Evan Short & Matt Harvey, bursting onto the New Zealand music scene back in mid 1999 with their unique high octane Drum and Bass sound. They were the darlings of the local bNet / Student Radio stations up and down New Zealand, getting hefty prime time airplay, featuring at the top of the weekly Top Ten’s and breaking chart records across the bNet. After a year or so of underground success they were courted by local electronic music label Kog Transmissions and released their first album Concord Dawn in July 2000.

With Concord Dawn now well established internationally and their catalogue now being distributed worldwide Evan and Matt embarked on a seemingly never ending world tour, traveling all over the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. At the 2003 bNet music awards “Morning Light” won “Best Song” and “Most Radio Play” and at the 2004 bNet music awards Uprising received “Best Album” and “Best Electronic Release”.

Work on their long awaited 4th album was completed in early 2005 and was titled Chaos By Design to express the album’s musically eclectic nature. The album and singles won critical acclaim worldwide with various tracks off the albums being signed to some of the biggest and most respected Drum and Bass labels worldwide such as Metalheadz, Ram Records and Hospital Recordings. Chaos By Design also won “Best Electronic Album” at the 2006 New Zealand Music Awards.
Another full world tour was embarked on shortly after the release with Matt relocating to Vienna, in the heart of Europe and Evan covering New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Americas from home base in New Zealand.

2008 saw Evan focus on his studio commitments and leave the project while Matt continued on with Concord Dawn. Following a lengthy period of solo touring work began on the 5th studio album, ‘The Enemy Within’, which was released on September 20th 2010 and garnered much praise, receiving iTunes New Zealand’s “Electronic Album Of The Year” and being nominated for the same prize at the New Zealand music awards also. It peaked at #2 in the iTunes album charts. The track “Easy Life” was also the second most played tune on national dance station GeorgeFM for 2010.

Following extensive touring supporting this release Matt went back in to the studio to work on “The Race To Zero” EP which heralded a new direction. The release (in mid 2011) received a 9.5 out of 10 from DJ magazine as well as release of the month, and had radio support from the BBC amongst others.

2012 was another big year for Concord Dawn, with the “Wipeout EP” featuring 3 collaborations with New Zealand’s Trei alongside a remix released early in the year before a four date tour of India and a tour of the USA.

Following this the finishing touches were put on the “Air Chrysalis LP” which was released for free via Facebook, Bandcamp and Soundcloud as a thank you to the fans who have supported Concord Dawn over the years. The album featured Thomas Oliver, Rikki Morris, Nina McSweeney and Savage as guest vocalists and was regarded by many as a return to the older Concord Dawn sound.
The reception was fantastic and the album won “Best Electronic LP” at the 2012 New Zealand Music Awards.

Uprising Records continues to fly the flag for new, innovative and exciting artists, with a history including the cream of New Zealand artists such as Bulletproof, State of Mind, the Upbeats, Dose and Trei as well as international artists as diverse as Pendulum, Camo and Krooked, Prolix, Rido and Black Sun Empire.

In early 2013 after a 2 month tour that finished with one of the few drum and bass DJ sets at Miamis “Ultra Music Festival”, Loophole and Hendricks was released, a devastating slice of nasty dancefloor business.
This was followed up on in July by the free “Numbers Will Kill Us All” extended EP release, featuring 7 savage new tracks ranging from neurofunk to old school rave to house to modern drum and bass, once again showing the diversity and breadth of the Concord Dawn sound. A rawer and more underground sound featured on this EP as a contrast to the increasingly plastic “EDM” dance music that has become an opiate for the masses.