Royal Rumble (Sat 16/08)

Royal Rumble

The challenge has been laid down yet again… Geisha’s finest DJs go head to head, one on one, battling it out.

Geisha Bar is going to be transformed for the rumble in the jungle, including a boxing ring DJ console, boxing robes, hot round card girls and big fuck off bell. With months of training, drinking and general shenanigans, the combatants have been prepared, ready to duke it out in the Geisha ring. 8 DJ’s battling it out over 4 rounds… who can lay tha smack down on the dance-floor and be victorious.

The combatants…
ROUND 1 – JaFunk Vs Ben Renna
ROUND 2 – Tom Love Vs Dekski
ROUND 3 – James A Vs Rikki
ROUND 4 – HouseHed Vs Victor

With ego’s on the table and bragging rights at stake…

Entry $15 Members $10
Doors open 11pm
with discounted drinks before midnight