Tina Says Presents BODY CONTROL (Fri 02/06)

TALEENA B2B TINA SAYS || Grrr || From Ellie || Komodo || GiaskiDOORS OPEN 10pm  🫠 PSA: First 100 through the door will receive the red flashing wristbands

As the world around us crumbles and decays from the aftermath of the apocalypse, a select few still cling to the hope of escape. They yearned for a fleeting moment of ecstasy amidst the chaos, a chance to forget the world’s demise and dance away their worries. And they knew just the place to find it – the elusive and forbidden “Body Control”.

Rumors of the Red Room had spread like wildfire among the dwindling survivors, whispered in hushed tones and shared only among those deemed worthy. It was said to be a hidden location, a secret haven where a series of events would take place. The only way to gain access was through a mysterious invitation containing a secret code that was sent to a select few. “REDROOMRAVERS”.

This time, the renowned DJ and Music Producer Taleena, known for her high-energy House & Techno tracks, would be the headliner. With her solid collection of dance tunes that had landed on massive playlists and climbed the charts. Signed to CLUB SWEAT, Taleena is a rising star in the music scene. Her shows were known for delving into the darker, more underground grooves, as well as those big peak-time high-energy tracks that would make the crowd lose themselves in the music.

As a Body Control tradition, Taleena’s set will be filmed for YouTube on a 360 dancefloor, creating an immersive experience for viewers around the world. But that’s not all – she would also be joined by Tina Says, for a back-to-back set that promised to be an unforgettable collaboration. The two artists shared a passion for dark, underground grooves and high-energy tracks, and their chemistry on stage was bound to be electric.

Joining forces, the red room renegades local talent; Giaski, Komodo, Gerr & FromEllie, will set the tone for the cooler nights to come, taking the crowd on a journey they didn’t know they needed. As the beats thump and the bass reverberates through the Red Room, the dancers will lose their minds, bodies, and souls to the music, forgetting the world’s chaos for just one night.

Body Control is a beacon of hope in the midst of darkness, a place where the power of music could still create moments of pure bliss, reminding everyone that even in the face of an apocalypse, the human spirit could still find solace in the rhythm of the dance.


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