GET WEIRD (Fri 01/03)

Thomas Von Party
(Turbo/Twin Turbo Recs / Canada)

support from
Aslan, Likemind, Armin Van Gough, Cambourgini, Lazy Gravy, Craig Hollywoo, Roulade, Lightsteed, Manimal.

Friday March 1st 2013
11pm Till 5am

Limited $15+BF Presale below or from
Door sales available

Real parties don’t die, they just get weirder. Relevant philosophy as we are now approaching the sixth and vveirdest Get Weird yet, this time featuring the man who puts the “up” in superstar: Thomas Von Party.

Spiritual ghostman behind the scenes at Turbo Recordings / Twin Turbo, talent-heavy DJ and absolute known go-to man; he is simultaneously a vision of the future and a raw dose of reality. Is he the genius who spotted the cold digital spirit in Jori Hulkonnen? Is he the character that decided to flip the stars in the Turbo logo upside down? He probably is. When this particular member of Tiga’s outer_realm_inner_circle steps up you can expect to be sliced in half by the cutting edge of frontfoot dance music.

If you want to take your spirit animal for a lap around the dancefloor whilst the man who greenlit Duke Dumont’s “The Giver”, ZZT’s “Vulkan Alarm” and a thousand other undeniables throws down then this is the night for you.

A local blend of support will also be provided on the night in the form Aslan, Likemind, Armin Van Gough, Cambourgini, Lazy Gravy, radio’s Craig Hollywood and Roulade, life’s Lightsteed and the pillar of salt holding up Get Weird: Manimal.

This go around Get Weird is remigrating to Geisha – you know it, you feel it. As always the night will involve the microplasmic sensation that refuses to go away: TINY CLUB. If losing it to deep thrusting jams on a tightly packed dancefloor is no longer doing it for you then a 92% floorspace reduction is probably what you’re after. Lose yourself in TINY CLUB then find yourself fairly soon after considering there’s not that much space really.

Loosen out, Get Weird.

Thomas Von Party BIO
Thomas Von Party was born Thomas Vaughn Partyson in Montreal, Quebec. His connection to DJ culture and chillosophy stems from his family background. His father was the first white man to play Tuxedomoon records in Goa. His older brother, Tiga, went on to become the famous DJ/musician Tiga.

TVP joined Tiga’s label Turbo as head of A&R in 2006. Since then, he has been responsible for putting together Turbo’s much-lauded remix packages, curating the Turbo podcast and signing such artists as Popof, Brodinski, Noob, Guy J, and the real Cinderella Man of the bunch, PROXY.

As a DJ, TVP is able to go hard, go house and go to your home to play a Goa-themed anniversary set for your former wife and her new husband. Festivals, after-hours parties, infra-hours parties – he does it all with the flair of a chameleon with particularly eclectic taste in contemporary dance music.

In 2008, he added “co-remixer” to his resume, collaborating with Brad Lamborghini on a remix of Moby’s “I Love to Move in Here.” Even by 2010, the mania created by TVP’s mix had yet to subside, reaching a frightening peak when noted blogger The Rhythm Burglar broke into his apartment in a desperate search for alternate dub versions. Thomas has also co-directed two music videos, for Tiga’s “Hot in Herre” – which garnered him a number of award nominations – and “Louder than a Bomb”. Is there anything he can’t co-do?

And what does the future hold for Thomas Von Party? “I have a million ideas for the label: online scented-candle sessions, stealing music back from people, making children smile. Ultimately, though, it comes down to this: I know when to kick it up a vibe. The ‘it’ in question could be pretty much anything: a party, a séance, found-footage video of you reading this. But as you peel that vibe from the rafters at the end of the night, you’ll smile to yourself and remember who kicked it up there, and you’ll know that he did it for you.”