back2backbeat (Fri 26/07)

FreQualizer & DJ Factory present

back2backbeat – the tribute

“In May 2000, in the back room of an inner city Perth bar, a small group of dedicated breakbeat fans gave birth to the now legendery phenomenon known as backbeat. It was the start of what would be become one of the most upfront breaks scenes, not only in Australia, but the world. It provided the first arena where breaks djs could express themselves musically, to a dance floor of discerning like minded punters.”
– backbeat/West Coast Beats Cartel (W.C.B.C)

The West Coast Beat Cartel was put together by Gully and long term partner in crime, Miggy. These pioneers of the Nu Skool Breaks sound in Perth, created something very special and priceless, that remained influential for years to come. It very much shaped the face of breakbeat here in Perth and was instrumental in the development of the scene and culture around town. To anyone one that attended a backbeat party, it was more than just another club night, it was a family.

In honour of Gully’s recent passing, the general feeling was there MUST be one last throw down. So we have got together some old familiar faces and firing up the Geisha/KRUSH dancefloor, to pay our respect and say thank you for all the good times and memories!


Door fee
$10 before midnite
$15 there after

This party is a fundraiser and not for profit. All door takings and money raised will be given directly to Gully’s family to help with the costs incurred of his passing.