DJ Profiles

Saul’s dedication to good music, whatever it’s sub-genre, his ability to read a crowd and tease them into submission, and the pure optimism of his ‘let’s get this party started’ attitude have all been central to the attention and respect he has attracted from the diverse range of DJs,...Read more »
james a pic
James A is the business. The real business. If we’re talking Geisha stalwarts, none can quite surpass this club resident who’s been mixing some 16 years. Whether it’s deep synth – laden house, crunchy bass – driven techno or anything falling in between. James A encompasses the unique...Read more »
Although having DJ'd around the block for 5 years, JimiJ has never felt more at home anywhere in Perth than at Geisha. "I love the club. The music, the people. Even when I'm not playing, I usually go there anyway as I know that the music will be consistently on point and the crowd...Read more »
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A hot rising star on the Perth scene, Jaydream has made the big move from trance to house, delighting all in her path. Winning the Habitat DJ Competition in 2016, Jay has been smashing the club circuit as well as the bush events scene ever since. Her incredible energy and passion have landed her...Read more »
A.N.D Aaron Figueiredo, aka ‘A.N.D’ was born and raised in the party capital of India - Goa. Since placing second in the 2017 Habitat DJ Competition, A.N.D’s fire has gone from strength to strength, now enjoying an epic residency at the 'Home of House' Geisha. His sets express a true love...Read more »
Six years gone and Richard Lee is still playing what he loves. Hitting House to Techno, you will rarely hear a similar set. “I hate being pigeon holed” Richard explains, “I enjoy mixing a whole range of house genres and this way I feel like I can engage the crowd whilst having a bit of fun...Read more »
Green George photo
Starting out as a fresh faced 14 year old, (but lets be honest he’s doesn’t look much older today) Green ‘Leprechaun’ George is a decade into his DJing jaunt and shows no sign of slowing down. Studying mixing styles of Carl Cox to Tiesto, George also effortlessly moves from folk to...Read more »
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From gypsy accordion to techno, el Dario gets warm fuzzies from it all, but when his undying love of all things electronic truly began was after hearing a Umek and Marko Nastic mix. So 7 years ago he got set-up and so embarked his journey as a DJ.   Moving between deep and funky house...Read more »
His addiction to black crack started back in 1998…and by black crack we mean that sweet stuff all your favourite original vinyl pressings come on. Fast forward six years and Ru-Kasu’s addiction had turned into a healthy passion. His skills were duly noted and he started getting booked by anyone...Read more »
Veteran doesn't even touch on describing Flex. People still remember his renowned 8 hour sets at classic stomping ground DC’s in the early 90s and with close to 20 years club experience under his belt, Flex is an unstoppable force. From witnessing narrow misses of falling disco balls to...Read more »