Chez Damier (US) Extended Set (Sat 26/10)

Geisha, Habitat and Stefan & Friends presents: CHEZ DAMIER (PRESCRIPTION RECORDS/RUSH HOUR | US)

 Already a legendary figure in electronic music, Chez Damier has played close witness to many of the pivotal moments in the history of House and Techno. Joint responsible with studio partner Ron Trent for both Prescription Records – widely recognized as one of the greatest house labels of all time – and the Morning Factory – one of the most ethereal jams ever to rock a room – Chez Damier carries abound the soul of house music.

KMS, the Music Institute, The Bellville Three: The Chigago Dj has played pivotal roles in the development of all three hallowed pieces of music history. However, his natural artistry and constant need to out do even himself has led him passing off such seminal tunes as you feel it as just a stage in his artistic development.

For as an artist Chez Damier represents a unique blend. Today his sets are entirely unique, not just because of the experience and knowledge he can call upon. Sitting on a mountain of his own edits, nothing he plays is untouched by his hand. Whether it be a stomping disco loop or a jacking chi-town monster, his own electronic wisdom is embedded in each track.

Support: Callum Duncan, James A & SnB

Tickets: Early Birds $25 +B.F. via Eventbrite: Buy now

Doors: 10pm