Habitat: Andre Crom (Fri 27/03)

Habitat are proud to present Off Recordings label owner Andre Crom.

Strip it back.

That’s the approach behind Andre Crom and his label OFF Recordings, which nowadays ranges amongst the most popular underground electronic music labels of the world.

Resident Advisor’s users voted OFF the #8 and #9 most charted label in 2012 and 2013, and it often resides with no less than 10 tracks at once in the Beatport deep & techhouse top 100’s.

While the sound selection is eclectic, moving from underground pop over groove tools to primetime records, and from house to techno, there are certain values which all OFF releases, as well as Andre’s DJ sets, have in common.

A stripped back approach. Every track or song has an essence, and it’s important to focus on it, while getting rid of all unnecessary elements.

And catchiness: it can be a memorable vocal, a particular hookline, or something else, every OFF release should have something that stays in your mind after hearing it on a night out.

It’s Andre’s sets, playing a mix of own productions, unreleased OFF signings, almost forgotten classics and carefully selected new tracks, that are the best proof for his deep and profound love for underground dance music and a good party.