The LOFT (Sun 26/05)

A Long Winter is coming and we are having a pyjama party to celebrate….

The onesie is the only real way to stay warm and the most fun to dance in so we want you all to dress up. The one hit wonders will be dusted off by our one direction djs and slipped in amongst the greats for your aural pleasure. Our one photographer will be looking for the one best dressed for a one hundred dollar bar card. We will have one huge pillow fight with one winner receiving one very special prize.

So whether you are a panda, a giraffe or a squirrel – dress to impress all the other animals….or if you are too cool for school then wear your best peter alexander or derek rose; either way it is FREE entry for all those in pyjamas (and we don’t want to know where you are hiding your wallet)

Open at 8 // $10 entry // FREE in PJs
Cheap drinks for ONE hour
One hit after another of all your favourite one hit alternative, indie, pop-punk and JJJ classics