Lucid Dreaming & Geisha Bar pre. STEFFI & VIRGINIA (Fri 30/01)

Lucid Dreaming & Geisha Bar pre. STEFFI & VIRGINIA

Join us for a very special night at Geisha bar as we present to you, two of the leading figures in Berlin’s contemporary dance culture, both with established relationships with Berlin Club label Ostgut Ton, and supreme residency at Panorama Bar / Berghain. The night will feature extended sets from the two leading ladies, and live vocals from Virginia.

Last time Lucid Dreaming hosted Steffi, they sold out The Good Shepherd.

Tickets on sale below from Midday Friday January 8th.


Dutch-born Steffi is a key figure in the realms of contemporary electronic music. As a resident at Panorama Bar, a respected producer and label owner, her work embraces underground electronic culture in its many forms.

After 6 years as a Panorama Bar resident, Steffi compiled and mixed the ‘Panorama Bar 05’ mix CD in 2013 and more recently released her much anticipated second full length album ‘Power Of Anonymity’ on Ostgut Ton.

Always looking forward, Steffi’s field of influence continues to expand. Her work as a DJ, distinctive productions, and sought after releases on her own labels, all reflect the love she has for vinyl and help to celebrate the culture of underground dance music.


The talented DJ, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Virginia has been deeply involved in electronic music for over a decade. Growing up in Munich, the energetic and dedicated artist quickly found her feet in music. Her career kick-started in the late 90s thanks to a wave of early hit singles, and she soon began to tour as a DJ, discovering a real passion for life in front of the crowd.

Viriginia co-wrote a wealth of productions including Panorama Bar resident Steffi, on her first album ‘Yours & Mine’. Steffi’s album focuses two tracks around Virginia’s vocals which she feels really reflect her true musical direction – the tracks ‘Yours’, a rousing hit in the making, and the touching ‘You Own My Mind’ (both released on Berlin’s Ostgut Ton in Feb 2011).

Virginia’s rich, colourful and vibrant voice has brought a golden touch to her widespread and highly respected release catalogue, and she continues to collaborate with some of electronic music’s key players. Always developing her own production skills, she just released her first solo production “Loch& Hill” on Ostgut Ton, 8th of April 2013.