{MOVE} pres Sadar Bahar (Sat 27/12)

Come celebrate the festive season and SEVEN years of positive {MOVE}ments with the one and only….

>> SADAR BAHAR (Soul in the Hole, USA)

…the way we do it best, with a SEVEN hour >> VINYL ONLY << throw down at the GEISHA INSTITUTE OF MUSICAL EXCELLENCE

…with the O.G. {move} family DJ’s >> PMI, Ben M & Ben Taaffe!

>> Saturday, 27th of December. Tix: http://tinyurl.com/MOVE7TH

What better way to celebrate our birthday than with one of the most respected and revered DJs in the world! Sadar Bahar is a unique force in modern dance music. His unflinching commitment to the art of record collecting and supreme knowledge and taste in 20th century soul, disco, jazz and dance music make him a guiding light for DJs the world over. Theo Parrish has gone so far as to claim Sadar is his personal favourite DJ and one of the greatest American DJs alive.

‘A lot of stuff I play, [other deejays] don’t play,’ says Bahar. ‘Maybe they’ll find it years later, if they’re lucky. I’m always looking for something deeper that no one else is playing,’

There’s something very special about Sadar Bahar’s DJ sets. His artistry doesn’t begin or end behind the decks – it goes much deeper than that. He is an unsung hero of old school Chicago who has dedicated his life to music. In his sets you can hear the decades of digging, collecting, listening, practicing, mixing, sharing and playing soul, disco, funk and early house records, with legends such as Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy as his peers.

His sets sound pure – deep, soulful, energetic and dynamic. When he deejays he wears a beaming smile from ear to ear that lights up even the darkest of clubs, and he mouths every word sung on the records.