Sounduh release Mary St EP (Sat 02/07)

Sounduh release Mary St EP.

When Sounduh takes over Geisha Bar on the 2nd of July they will do so saluting to the DJ booth, after all, it is where they started. Huddled around the 2000’s, circa June 2012, Sounduh began as many bands do – in a filthy sharehouse. Mary St EP is the debut release from Sounduh, a band made up of local DJ’s escue and S.Wyse. Together they create music that churns up the world of digital production, mixing up post rock, house, hip hop and grunge and re-delivering it to a live stage with Dean Stephens and Shinead Ruby vocally pushing a unique Australian sound. Mary St EP is the first release from this genre bending group and to celebrate they invite all music loving people to Geisha Bar for a night of exciting original music with support acts from Audible Flora and DJ SnB.

Doors 8pm

Entry $10