ECHELON 6 (Fri 24/11)


e-che-lon (noun). a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.

This is Echelon 6 – a new concept night at Geisha

6 hours of a balance between the ultimate party vibe and a journey through futuristic modern house, disco & techno

Heavily inspired by Japanese art and aesthetic, Echelon 6 will feature a distinct look for the club, a setting for only the highest calibre of partygoer to attend and DJ to perform



Green George // JimiJ // Nuphoria

+ very special guest… Henton


Doors: 11pm-5am

Entry: $10 before 12:30 || $15 after

Promoters:  Geisha Bar residents, Green George and JimiJ

Art: Jessica Smith