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Want to travel on the cheap? Want to fuck randoms along the way? Why not do both? Tindersurfing, a term coined by Belgian Anthony Botta, on his Youtube channel Zebotta, has been doing exactly this. He documents his adventures on his channel, and has never been short of a place to stay....
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AGE 16: You sometimes use your mum’s tanning oil, and you splash water on your face before special occasions. AGE 18: You sometimes moisturise. Now that you’re 18, you drink roughly 6 nights a week and leave your makeup on all week, tidying it up around the edges in the morning. You drank a...
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Beer (pints of): You definitely love the Simpsons, you give great banter and if you’re the type to do so, your Tinder has a firm disclosure statement reading “pubs not clubs”. Vodka, Soda (NOT lemonade!) and FRESH Lime: You’re white, not poor, and always lowkey worried about your weight...
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scarb beach pool
“only available to those who can afford it and the parking fees! ($6.90 for an adult, $4.70 for concession)” “Where is the shade over the pools??? Why no shade? I see all these kids swimming today and not one bit of those pools is shaded?? Absolutely appalling. An amazing building...
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By Geisha Bar
VENTING TIIIIIIIIIIME. The latest sexual assault scandal has recently come out (if we could even call it “sexual assault”, which we really should not) and it involves comedian Aziz Ansari. Babe.net, (a totally five star news source) broke the story of a female named “Grace” (name...
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Donald Trump. I know, I know. I’m sorry that we are all so damn sick of hearing his name, but guys it’s really important that we talk about Donald Trump’s fucked-up diet. Seriously, hear me out on this one. I was out and about when I overheard someone talking about this, and apparently...
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Are you considering annoying your friends with a long rambling #newyearnewme post yet again? Did it work for you last year, or the year before that, or the year before that? I’m guessing no. Less than 10% of all new year’s resolutions actually end up being achieved, and this is because many...
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The other night I had a night out with a few friends that work in bars (not in Perth) and throughout an evening of them venting about work and getting more and more hammered by the hour, I got a really good insight into the things that really grind their gears at work – and thought I’d share...
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low iq
A mother in Ireland is now broke after her 14 year old son has spent her whole month’s wages on the FIFA 18 online game. She purchased the game entering in her debit card details, and was informed the game allows you to purchase “points” while playing. Amusingly, she also claims that she was...
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I spend a good deal of my time staring off into space and imagining ways to make things even better than they currently are, which is actually a bit of a challenge, considering my life is pretty amazing already! But there’s always room for improvement, extra laziness or more fun, and I intend to...
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