Where Did You Go?

By Geisha Bar

Netflix has once again sucked me in and robbed me of any productivity. (Any excuse to not go to the gym or complete assignments- am I right?)

First it was the feud between Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic in “Tiger King” – the documentary that captured the attention of 45 million viewers; reporting on the small society of big cat “conservationists” across the U.S.

What shocked me about the show, was that the main focus was shifted from the trading of tigers, to what really happened to Carole Baskin’s missing husband- rumoured to be fed to her tigers. Wtf.

As a result, I’ve lately been obsessed with anything crime documentary related. Why is it that we watch a few episodes of a crime series and deem ourselves as forensic investigators or criminology professionals “it was 100% her husband,” as we sit there stuffing our faces with maccas new donut balls (10/10 bloody amazing).

One series I’ve been glued to is “Cold Case Files.” Blows my fkn mind how someone can go missing/be murdered and apparently no one has any idea?! It’s estimated there are around 250,000 cold case files in America alone. All those people with families with no closure and so many unanswered questions.

I sit there, frustrated as fuck, when the episodes leave us as viewers with no answers. We get a massive insight into the victims life, personality, daily routines, only to never find out what actually happened to them. Maybe in future I’ll stick to happier shows, the inbetweeners or maybe Shrek

Until next time- Akika xxx