Trancemit 17 (Fri 08/08)

Trancemit 17 – Black Plastic Techno Sessions

18 years ago in 1996 we awakened something…spawned from sonic experimentation, feeding off psychedelic frequencies…long thought extinct, but after 9 years inactive, Trancemit returns.
Come and help us celebrate the life of our fallen comrade and Trancemit’s 18th birthday at one of our favourite venues; Geisha Bar.

Troy (Delirium, Blood Sugar, Plastic)
Puff (Trancemit, Delirium, Infirmary)
James A (Deep City, Geisha, Global)
J Dubs (KDT,Asmmetric Rythms, Sun Electric)

As always Cheap drinks first hour until 11pm.
Doors Open 10pm.