Walker & Royce (Fri 29/11)

For Sam Walker and Gavin Royce, the question is the fundamental test of their studio output. Simple as it may sound, for this perfectionist pair it’s anything but. Their innate dance floor intuition, combined with years of experience behind the decks, drives them to create music that isn’t just playable it’s irresistible.First introduced by way of New York City’s early aughts dance music scene, Sam
Walker and Gavin Royce first teamed up for a remix in 2011.

The duo found early success on tastemaker labels like Crosstown Rebels, OFF Recordings, and Moda Black, scoring an Essential New Tune nod from Pete Tong with 2014’s “Sister.” The indie dance and deep house sounds that informed Walker & Royce’s earliest work soon gave way to something different. Quirky accents and
bouncy synths, previously deeper in the mix, leapt to the forefront, backed by apropulsive new energy.

The success of their November 2015 “Bright Lights” remix was a clear indication that they were onto something. In October 2017, Walker & Royce released their debut album Self Help on Dirtybird, which both showcased and expanded upon their now signature sound.The guys enlisted numerous vocalists, including Green Velvet, Dances With White Girls, and Sophiegrophy, to make Self Help feel like a packed house party while leaving no doubt about who was hosting.

Doors open 11pm-5am

Door sales only $20 before 12, $30 after