“Raised by the Wolves”

By Geisha Bar

State governments have a maternal role in our lives being responsible for essential services such as power, water, law and order but in WA they seem to be an unfit parent with blackouts, brownouts, H20 restrictions and unrestricted crime in the family home. The state is a dysfunctional child, a victim of domestic violence, resigned to cold showers, candlelight and a parched throat.

WA’s elected parent is moody, surly and takes no responsibility for its indiscretions. The parent stole the money from the electricity network and left it to run on a Tandy generator, any suggestion of precipitation and the state is plunged into darkness. If each power pole is issued an umbrella we should be right. The dams have been dying for a drink since the Black Swan was founded but the Water Corporation, which exists solely to provide water in WA has only just realised that dams aren’t designed to hold dust. A chip off the parental block par excellence.

One of the parent’s finest innovations is the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card which is issued to all serious criminals in WA so that they can access freedom either by walking out of custody or by presenting the card to criminal lobby group the Parole Board who gleefully release them to continue the devil’s work. Aspiring criminals are nurtured under a state sponsored programme whereby you can beat, rape, maim or kill pensioners or pre-schoolers, steal cars and wield meat cleavers (with no steak in sight) safe in the knowledge that the community’s screams will be drowned out by lettuce slapping gently on wrists.

WA is being sodomised by despicable parentage who have a rare contempt for their child, Daddy pushes my head between his legs…I promised not to tell and I voted for him again. Federal Government’s are errant Uncles that smear you with taxation excretion, send you off to war and smuggle oil money into Kurdish countries…State Government’s provide the crucial basics that help a state grow to adulthood, in WA our elected parents have consigned us to permanent pubescence and that should be an indictable offence.