“A Professional Party Girls 3 Point Recovery Program”

By Geisha Bar

I’ve had seven big weekends on the trot. After all that fun, a girl starts to look and feel every year of her well-concealed age. We can’t have that! To overcome the dreaded post-party hangover blues, I have perfected a quick 3 Point Recovery Program that starts as soon as I arrive home Sunday morning……well, it’s usually morning when I return homeward:

1/ Hydralyte
I swear by the healing powers of Hydralyte. The glucose and electrolytes assist with nausea and mood immediately by hydrating, energising and alkalising your body. 3 of these on the Sunday – then 1 each morning for the next 3 mornings. If you’re feeling particularly under the weather, add ice to the drink.

2/ Burnt Toast + Bananas
This strange remedy actually works. It’s gentle on a sensitive stomach. The burnt part of the toast contains carbon – which acts as a natural filter for your body. Especially good with honey and banana – which brings me to my next point. Bananas – The humble banana is packed with potassium. Potassium is a great healer. It alleviates muscular aches and cramps and is also a precursor to Serotonin. Super useful in overcoming the hangover blues!

3/ Hangover outfit
Never underestimate the power of an outfit! Make sure your biggest, cuddliest hoodie, tracksuit pants and snuggle socks are clean and ready for your couch recovery session. I’m also fond of Spirit-hoods. There’s something incredibly curative about cuddling up in a furry hood with a cute pair of ears and soft paw mittens. Wearing it in the office on Monday also takes the focus away from the fact that you look and feel like you barely survived the apocalypse. Check them out here https://www.spirithoods.com

Happy recovery dolls!