Akika says: Clever Girls

By Geisha Bar

Today I read that a five-year-old girl in the UK has been fined £150 (about 195 Aussie dollars) for selling lemonade from a roadside lemonade stall that her father helped her set up. Of course, this is ridiculous and everyone is outraged, because the times have changed so much so that nothing is innocent anymore. Nowadays every little thing has to be approved and officiated, but not before truckloads of paperwork has been filled out and money has changed hands (for a “licence” to sell lemonade) etc. You can’t even busk on the street anymore without a licence! What I find ingenious about this young girl’s lemonade stall is that (no doubt due to her father’s sharp eye for entrepreneurship) she set it up on the day of London’s Lovebox festival, not far from the venue itself. I sure know that when I personally have spent hours getting rowdy to acts like Andy C and Chase & Status, there’s nothing that would light up my bender-saturated tastebuds like some good old homemade lemonade from a street-side stall. This girl knows how to pick her demographic!

It reminded me of another young lass who smashed the Girl Scout cookie-selling record to smithereens by setting up shop outside one of the first legal cannabis dispensaries. I can just imagine it now – all those glassy-eyed peeps shuffling out of the weed shop, gleefully imagining their impending afternoon of patting the dog whilst watching Adventure Time or Rick and Morty. All of a sudden, like a shining light from heaven itself, their red eyes fall upon a table manned by a tiny Girl Scout, laden to the brim with boxes of cookies in various flavours. It would’ve been a bloodbath.

All hail to those young girls out there smashing the glass ceiling and capitalising on the instant-gratification-loving drug takers out there. I salute you!