Akika says: DJ Lyf

By Geisha Bar

Whether it’s in the club, at a wedding, in a warehouse or on a parking lot – life can get pretty funny behind the decks.

— Rewind to ‘93. DJ is making his debut at an illegal flyer party in L.A.. He enthusiastically asks who’s ready to Party, crowd goes wild, and then the cops raid the party.

— Wedding reception. Bride gets down and does “the worm” across the dance floor to an audience of friends, relatives and of course, grandparents. Her dress rides right up over her head so by the time she reaches the other side, a big ball of white tulle covered her head with her body bare except the requisite bridal lingerie. The bride stood up, straightened herself then proceeds to rinse and repeat in the other direction to the same result. Bride was completely nonplussed and kept right on dancing.

— Ibiza party. John “00” Fleming was spinning when a rather intoxicated dude comes right up to the DJ booth and tries to order a drink from him, thinking it was the bar. Mr Fleming says “this is the dj booth man, the bar is over that way” but the patron wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the words of Mr Fleming “he then proceeded to get really leary with me and we had a bit of a kerfuffle”.

— DCs 1997 Drag Queen DJ with the longest Headphone cord you have ever seen manages to keep turning the same way whilst choosing records and mixing. Manages to completely tangle herself and drag the mixer off the console!

— Northbridge Hotel I won’t name names… the neighbouring building catches on fire and also sets of the Hotels fire alarm. DJ drops ‘Disco Inferno’.

— Tim Deluxe al la roughly 2003 seen crawling off stage after skolling a 1L Absolut Vodka.

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