Akika says: Friends don’t let friends ruin a good party

By Geisha Bar

Summer-flavoured Public Service Announcement: Friends don’t let friends ruin a good party.

We all have those mates – shooters at 4pm then pukers at 2am. No fun man. Who wants to leave the party early with their friend’s bodily fluids splattered all over shoes / handbag / jeans. Gross. No thanks.

Who wants to follow security out as they’re ejecting your mate for bad behaviour. Embarrassing man. Once again, no thanks.

Not to mention, convincing a cab / Uber to take you both home in either of those situations becomes a sad and sorry marathon of pain.

I love a good story as much as the next person, mischief is my middle name. But, there are such things as manners. If you’re the one ruining the night for your friends, that is just plain old bad manners.

It’s ok to suggest taking a short break from endless drink rounds. It’s ok to encourage your mate to calm down when he’s firing up. Be strong and remember: Friends don’t let friends ruin a good party.

Let’s make this season a classy one.